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The BronyCAN livestream hosted by Ponyville Live is available for viewing here: BronyCAN Livestream

Announcing: Claire Corlett!

As well as being the voice of Sweetie Belle (and her singing voice in season 4), Claire can also be heard as Tiny on PBS's Dinosaur Train, Stacey in Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale, Chloe in Chloe's Closet, Michelle in 3-2-1 Penguins, Sally in Peanuts Motion Comics, as well as her film debut as Frank in Smart Cookies.

She loves her fans and is always interacting with them on her YouTube channel: Claire spends her free time playing soccer, Minecraft, making and editing short films, and goofing around with her dog.

More on Claire: IMDb

Nathan Rogers Requesting BronyCAN Charity Auction Donations

"Hey everyone! As BronyCAN's Charity Auction Coordinator, I would like to request donations for our charity auction being held at our convention on Saturday, August 24th, from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM. Items must be delivered to me no later than the 22nd.

If you could all take a look at the Charity Auction Form Letter, my mailing address and contact details are in here.

Thank you for contributing and I hope to see you at BronyCAN!"

Charity Auction Form Letter Here

BronyCAN Interview on Stay Brony, My Friends

Live internet video show Stay Brony, My Friends has selected the BronyCAN convention committee as their interviewees for episode 56 on Monday, August 12th! Join us at 5PM Pacific Time live on Everfree Radio as Rebecca Shoichet, our Head of Guest Relations, and our Head of Public Relations talk BronyCAN and hold a Q&A session with Dustykatt and Screwball! We will also be presenting a special announcement live on air!

Watch the interview live on Monday and join the EFN IRC chatroom here:

More info:
Manliest Brony Blog Post
Show Information

UPDATE: You can now watch the interview on YouTube here:

BronyCAN Announces Third Wave of Musicians & Community Guests

Please be advised that, unfortunately, two of our previously announced performing artists - DJ Midli and Brony Beamshows - are no longer set to perform at our convention due to unforeseen circumstances. We are sad to see them go; however, we wish both of them nothing but the best with their future endeavors!

With that said, we are kicking off another wave of fandom guests! BronyCAN is proud to announce:

Forest Rain!

For more details on our newly-announced performance artists, please visit our guest lineup page here!

BronyCAN Exclusive Figures

BronyCAN and Force Start Comedy are pleased to offer a set of con exclusive deals for Funko POP! and Vinyl MLP figures. Pre-orders are now being taken for con exclusive Funko POP! metallic Fluttershy and Chrome Metallic Derpy Vinyl Figures, to be delivered later in the fall. Funko POP! Metallic Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle figures are also available for pre-order, and will be picked-up/sold at BronyCAN in the Vendor Hall.

Pre-Order Form

Announcing: Rebecca Shoichet!

BronyCAN brings another first-timer to the convention scene, though this guest has been singing for the show since the very first season. It is our distinct honor to announce voice actress and singer Rebecca Shoichet as our latest guest of honor to the convention. She is elated to join our growing list of show guests to meet the fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

Rebecca provides the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle through every season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and voices Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle’s high school rival and antagonist in Equestria Girls. She also voices Sota Higurashi in Inuyasha, Mayura Labatt in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and Tricia in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

More on Rebecca: IMDb

Northern Equestrian Summer Sun Album Released!

The Northern Equestrian Summer Sun Album has been released for all to hear and enjoy! With ten tracks from community musicians such as Forest Rain, Starborne, HeyLasFas, Silva Hound, and Additive/Subtractive, including a royal introduction provided by MEMJ0123, this summertime soundscape is sure to delight fans across the pony fandom! The album is available for purchase as individual tracks or $5 (or more!) for the whole album, and is already making the rounds on Everfree Network, Fillydelphia Radio, and Ponyville Live. On top of that, all profits of this album benefit the travel and housing expenses of musicians performing at BronyCAN 2013, so please support your community musicians!

Get it here: Bandcamp

Announcing: Vincent Tong!

BronyCAN is thrilled to announce Vincent Tong as our latest guest of honor, as it is his first ever MLP convention! Vincent provided voices for Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon and Prince Blueblood in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and took a big-screen role as Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls. He is looking forward to meeting everypony!

Having starting his career in theatre (Mamma Mia, West Side Story, Altar Boyz) Vincent has fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a cartoon character. His first role was Toro in Sushi Pack, along with playing Matsuda in Death Note, Mandarin/Gene Khan in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Daniel in Voltron Force, Kai in Ninjago, and the upcoming leading villain Mephisto in Lollirock. He has also had roles in film and TV on Fringe, Continuum, Flashpoint, Mr. Young, and Caprica.

More on Vincent:

Announcing More Musicians!

We’re adding four more musicians to our already expansive lineup! The new additions who will rock your world are Starborne, djtetsuo., HeyLasFas, and Additive Subtractive. Starborne will mellow you out with marvelous piano and vocals. djtetsuo. is expected to continue his tradition of live mashups and remixes of brony and non-pony tracks. HeyLasFas is best known for prog-rock, guitar riffs and solid drumming, while Additive Subtractive will keep you raving with hardcore drops and wubs. Remember to get your ticket today to see these and other awesome musicians!

Hotel Booking Contest!

Are you interested in winning your purchased ticket and hotel room free, as well as receiving an invitation to our Meet and Greet? Well we've got an announcement for you! Click here for more details.

Announcing: Andrea Libman!

Coming up right behind Rarity's hooves, we are throwing the confetti and firing the party cannon for BronyCAN's third VA guest of honor, Andrea Libman! Andrea is the talented voice actress playing the two polar opposites of the mane six, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. She has also lent her unique voice to Madeline, ReBoot, Dragon Ball, Dragon Tales, Strawberry Shortcake, and the upcoming Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins.

More on Andrea:

Announcing: Nicole Gauss!

BronyCAN is pleased to announce our next guest of honor, Nicole Gauss! Nicole has worked in the animation industry for almost 15 years and she was hired on MLP:FiM as a character designer for season one. Nicole is also a character designer on Littlest Pet Shop and she has worked on Atomic Betty, Braceface, Milo’s Bug Quest, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; she was also a clean-up artist on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. BronyCAN will be Nicole’s first MLP convention appearance!

More on Nicole:

Announcing musicians and performance artists!

BronyCAN is pleased to announce the first wave of our concert lineup. First wave is Fen Pony, Donn DeVore, and BeamPegasu5.

Fen Pony’s special talent is talking really fast. A master lyricist and hip hop artist hailing from the home province of BronyCAN, expect his presence as local B.C. brony talent to energize. He’s best known for his hip-hop track, “I Can’t stop referencing pony.”

Donn DeVore is a master of instruments, with a collection of multiple guitars and keyboards, and genres from electro pop to acoustic ballads, modern and classic rock. Expect some musical genius from his set at BronyCAN.

BeamPegasu5 strums the strings of lasers, he’s a laserist and BronyCAN will be his canvas. Expect his bright colours and matched twinkling lasers to paint the excited dance floor crowd at BronyCAN.

More on Fen Pony:
More on Donn DeVore:
More on BeamPegasu5:

Announcing: Tabitha St Germain!

We are very pleased to announce Tabitha St. Germain as our second VA special guest to attend BronyCAN! Tabitha is known for her voice acting roles in MLP:FiM as Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith, and a host of other Equestrian characters; she is also known for her roles in Martha Speaks, Littlest Pet Shop, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

More on Tabitha:

Announcing: Lee Tockar!

It is with great excitement we announce our first guest voice actor, Lee Tockar! Lee is the voice behind Snips and Steven Magnet of MLP:FiM and has a large presence in the community as a respected personality. Lee has also lent his talents to the following animated series; Johnny Test, George of the Jungle, Death Note, Gundam SEED, and more!

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