Confirmed BronyCAN Guests

Show Talent

Claire Corlett

Claire is the voice of Sweetie Belle (and her singing voice in season 4), and can also be heard as Tiny on PBS's Dinosaur Train, Stacey in Barbie and Her Sisters in a Pony Tale, Chloe in Chloe's Closet, Michelle in 3-2-1 Penguins, Sally in Peanuts Motion Comics, as well as her film debut as Frank in Smart Cookies.

Rebecca Shoichet

Rebecca provides the singing voice of Twilight Sparkle through every season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and voiced the antagonist of Equestria Girls, Sunset Shimmer. She also voices Sota Higurashi in Inuyasha, Mayura Labatt in Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, and Tricia in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Vincent Tong

Vincent Tong will be attending BronyCAN as his first ever MLP convention! Vincent provided voices for Donut Joe, Garble the Dragon and Prince Blueblood in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and took a big-screen role as Flash Sentry in Equestria Girls. Vincent has also loaned his voice to shows such as Sushi Pack, Death Note, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Voltron Force, Ninjago, and Lollirock. He has also had roles in film and TV on Fringe, Continuum, Flashpoint, Mr. Young, and Caprica.

Andrea Libman

Andrea is the talented voice actress playing the two polar opposites of the mane six, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. She has also lent her unique voice to Madeline, ReBoot, Dragon Ball, Dragon Tales, Strawberry Shortcake, and the upcoming Pac-Man: The Adventure Begins.

Nicole Gauss

Nicole has worked in the animation industry for almost 15 years and she was hired on MLP:FiM as a character designer for season one. Nicole has worked on Atomic Betty, Braceface, Milo’s Bug Quest, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; she was also a clean-up artist on Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas. BronyCAN will be Nicole’s first MLP convention appearance!

Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha is well-known for her voice acting roles in MLP:FiM as Rarity, Princess Luna, Granny Smith, and a host of other Equestrian characters; she is also known for her roles in Martha Speaks, Littlest Pet Shop, Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy, and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

Lee Tockar

Lee Tockar is a well-known community personality in the brony fandom and a British Columbia native. His voice acting roles for MLP:FiM are Snips and Steven Magnet. In addition to these roles he has voiced characters in the following shows, Johnny Test, George of the Jungle, Death Note, Gundam SEED, and more.

Community Guests


Rina-chan is a voice actress, singer, and content creator in the MLP community. She is best known for her fanwork as Twilight Sparkle in the PONY.MOV series and Double Rainboom, and as Colgate/Minuette in the Brushie Song and Toothpaste Cannon videos. She has collaborated to sing with a variety of brony musicians. She also works professionally as a voice actress in anime (Accel World, Blue Exorcist, Lagrange) and video games (Skullgirls, Castle Crashers, Mugen Souls.)

Forest Rain

Forest Rain has been creating Brony music since January 2012. His work ranges from alternative, rock, and pop/punk to orchestral and pop. He is involved in several community projects, and was the creator and producer of "The Massive Smile Project". He is currently working as a songwriter on the fan-made feature-length film: "MLP:FiM Journey of the Spark".


Hailing from Issaquah, WA, Bejoty is a frightening cross between musician, coder, gamer, and event planner. Originally the executive director of Everfree Northwest, he writes and composes original pony tunes as well. Only recently introduced to the music scene, his genre of choice is a mash between contemporary folk and acoustic jazz guitar styles. Bejoty has just completed his first national tour with Musiquestria, not only as the opening musician but also as the road manager of the tour.


DJStrachAttack is a 20-year-old electronic Brony musician and artist out of Calgary, Alberta. A newcomer to the scene, he produces a wide range of electronic music, including Techno, EDM and Dubstep. A couple of his better-known tracks include ‘Stitching It Together’ and ‘ShySt3p’.


Starborne is best known for her melodic vocal work accompanied by soothing piano sounds. With collaborations from such greats as Forest Rain and Mic the Microphone, expect some wonderful music during her concert.


Coming from a long and storied background in the Indianapolis club scene, the servbot helmet-wearing djtetsuo. has honed and perfected his mastery of multiple deck mixing. He brings his roots with mashes and loops of hot club tracks paired to brony beats, making every performance a unique and exciting experience.


Hailing from the hot desert of Arizona, HeyLasFas is a unique character in the musician fandom. His long progressive tracks and blending of hard rock elements with electronic dance music are enjoyed by everyone. Considering himself to be a magician in the music scene, you can expect magic when he takes to BronyCAN’s stage.

Additive Subtractive

Dropping 170BPM hardcore and UK cheese, anyone familiar with a rave will be at home with Additive Subtractive's music. His remixes keep the crowds banging and he brings a new flavor of music often unheard at brony concerts.

Fen Pony

Fen Pony’s special talent is talking really fast. A master lyricist and hip hop artist hailing from the home province of BronyCAN, expect his presence as local B.C. brony talent to energize. He’s best known for his hip-hop track, “I Can’t stop referencing pony.”

Donn Devore

Donn De Vore is a master of instruments, with a collection of multiple guitars and keyboards, and genres from electro pop to acoustic ballads, modern and classic rock, expect some musical genious from his set at BronyCAN.


BeamPegasu5 strums the strings of lasers, he’s a laserist and BronyCAN will be his canvas. Expect his bright colours and matched twinkling lasers to paint the excited dancefloor crowd at BronyCAN.


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