What is BronyCAN?

BronyCAN is the premiere Canadian convention for fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series.

Where is BronyCAN?

BronyCAN is pleased to announce our national convention will occur at the Executive Airport Plaza Hotel and Conference Centre in Richmond, B.C. on Aug. 24 to Aug. 25.

Is BronyCAN only for Canadians?

BronyCAN is a Canadian convention, but with that said, we are not discriminating attendees. Come one, come all!

I want to come, but it's too far away.

We recognize that many out-of-country attendees are hesitant to cross the border to attend our convention. We are making it our top priority to ensure that travel to the convention is as easy and affordable as possible.

Who do I contact in regards to ________?

The contacts for each section of the convention are listed on our Staff Page. Please direct all general inquiries to our or our Twitter (@BronyCAN); for more specific inquiries contact the staff member of the respective department.

Where can I find the BronyCAN Code of Conduct?

You can view the BronyCAN Code of Conduct here


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